Pool water heaters for Yucatán: A commodity to consider

A heater is the best way to control your pool’s temperature. While they are certainly a big expense, they will add that much more value to your home.
Rattan rocking chair.

Patio furniture: What will survive in Yucatán

In Mérida, most backyards are open spaces, meaning furniture is exposed to the elements, such as the sun and the rain. These are some of the most important conditions to consider when choosing a new lounge set.

Know your critters: A guide to insects and creatures in Yucatán

In Yucatán, bugs are abundant, varied, and a tad frightening. Yet they are not all dangerous and are sometimes even desirable house guests.

Greenery in Mérida: The ideal vegetation for those with a “black thumb”

House plants are a natural roommate to grow fond of, and in order to improve this relationship, one must keep them alive. The weather in Yucatán is particularly hot and humid, which means that we first have to think about what will survive.

Chukum: Yucatecan legacy to design and architecture

Chukum is a tree endemic to the Yucatan peninsula characterized by its thorny bark and resin rich in tannins, giving it a reddish hue similar to wine.