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Mosquitoes in Mérida: How to survive the rainy season

Mosquitoes in Mérida: How to survive the rainy season
Mosquitoes in Mérida, how to survive the rainy season.

When considering moving to Mexico, the first thing to do is to evaluate the hurdles. In Mérida’s case, notoriously high temperatures are often the first obstacle. But the climate brings with it another disadvantage: mosquitoes.

The Peninsula shelters different species of mosquitoes, some more dangerous than others.

These insects thrive in warm, humid climates, which means that Yucatán is a breeding ground for them. Because they have a short life cycle, their reproduction is rapid and massive, meaning that a small cloud of mosquitoes could become a plague in a matter of days.

Mosquito on a leaf
Mosquito on a leaf. Photo: Courtesy.

While they are certainly annoying guests, even worse is that they carry dangerous diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and zika.

Mosquitoes nest in spaces such as water puddles, garbage cans, etc., which is why the rainy months are especially critical in Yucatán.

Rainy season in Yucatán

The rainy season in Yucatán begins in mid-May and lasts until November, although the summer months are the ones that usually see the most rain.

Rainy season in Mérida.
Rainy season in Mérida. Photo: Courtesy.

The period from July to September is the period of greatest mosquito outbreaks due to the rains and the accumulation of water, although even in November, mosquitoes in Mérida are everywhere.

The city council maintains a constant fumigation campaign throughout the city, but if we are looking to ensure the elimination of this pest we might want to consider fumigating our homes.

Carlos Adrián Rocha works at Ecopest, a national company focused on pest control. They have been based in Mérida for five years and have gained experience in dealing with mosquitoes in Yucatán.

“Yucatán has the perfect conditions to foster mosquito infestations,” Carlos comments. ” It’s not enough to eliminate the spaces in which they breed. Because of their short life span, their reproduction is fast and abundant, so we have to eliminate as many mosquitoes as possible.”

Professional ways of dealing with mosquitoes

Ecopest usually uses methods such as pressure sprayers and a thermonebulizer, which smokes mosquitos with a appropriate chemical product.

Since mosquitos reproduce quickly and poisons lose their effectiveness when left outdoors, Ecopest tends to recommend 15-day treatments.

You can find more information on their products and services in their website.

Dealing with mosquitoes in Mérida
Professional mosquito solutions are specially important during the rainy season. Photo: Courtesy.

These are fool-proof methods for making sure an infestation is not a problem. Although professional control may feel unnecessary, it is one more step to ensure the well-being and comfort of your home.

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