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Rosy Balam: Building a path to a design career

Rosy Balam: Building a path to a design career
Proyecto Workshop, Diseño y Construcción. Fotografía: Tamara Uribe.

In her last semesters in college, Rosy Balam entered the workplace. “My dream was not necessarily to be an architect, but the idea caught my attention.”

Rosy Balam. Photo: Courtesy.

She studied architecture at UADY, the University of Yucatán, and began her work life through internships, entering a small office as a sketcher, working on the technical drawings of a project. “It’s complicated to go straight into design, which it’s what a lot of people want. Most of us start between design and construction.

Her journey while at the university took her to architectural institutions such as COMEY, Fundación Plan Estratégico de Yucatán, where she did her social service. Afterward, she became involved with Constructora Metrox, which focuses on luxury residential buildings.

“I started as a sketcher for executive projects, in the pre-architectural field. I worked with them for about a year, going through different positions and departments until I became project manager, but always doing a desk job,” says Balam. After a short stay in this new position, she began the process of graduation and decided to take a break, giving herself a sabbatical year.

During that time she continued working with her former boss and started some family projects.

“I even designed the facade of my house,” Rosy recalls. “Maybe the result was not exactly what I expected, but it was a great experience, seeing my design materialized. It’s the best way to understand and learn.”

After a few months, she joined Workshop, Diseño y Construcción as a site supervisor.

“I set out to get into a place that really excited me,” she said. She began working part-time and in February joined full-time.

Project by Workshop, Diseño y Construcción. Photo: Tamara Uribe.

It was in this office that she had her first in-situ experiences.

“I had never been on construction sites before. So I began to enjoy learning from the projects, from the rubble and demolition to the construction and the outcome,” says Rosy.

At 27 years old, she has become the intermediary between the firm and the construction site. “My job is to make sure that what was designed is done. It’s very important to be detail-oriented and proactive; you learn a lot in this area.”

Project by Workshop, Design and Construction. Photo: Tamara Uribe.

In the year she has been with the firm, she has supervised many different projects. Casa Hannah is one of the projects he has enjoyed the most.

“I was present when it was finished, and oversaw final details. It was the first finished project I was involved in,” Rosy says. “It was a great experience to share with the team, learn about their vision, live together, participate in the photoshoot and see people’s responses. It is very satisfying to see how successful it’s been”.

Project by Workshop, Design and Construction. Photography: Tamara Uribe.

Rosy highlights the value of working in a small space. “I value having direct contact with my bosses, and the emphasis on values in terms of design, the human part of the job.”

In the future, she would like to be involved in the direction and design of her projects, but she is not in a hurry. She likes to flow into what she does and take as much as she can from each project.

“I’m still learning, immersing myself in design.”