Home House Hacks Water heaters: Four types to consider when buying yours in Mérida

Water heaters: Four types to consider when buying yours in Mérida

Water heaters: Four types to consider when buying yours in Mérida
Water heaters in Mérida.

In a place like Yucatán, where we often feel like we’re boiling, it might be funny to think about heating water.

But silly as it may seem, heating water for your shower can get expensive if the equipment is not right for you.

When considering a replacement or a first-time purchase, choosing the right type of heater for your needs is important. Here are 4 types of heaters to consider.

Storage water heaters 

A typical storage water heater. Photo: Courtesy.

The most common type, with the lowest upfront cost, this water heater type includes an insulated storage tank that holds anywhere between 30 and 80 gallons. They are usually powered by natural gas, liquid propane, or electricity. 

As long as they’re turned on, they heat water 24/7, so you’re unfortunately paying for water you’re not actively using- not particularly energy-efficient. Yet whenever you do need hot water, it’s right on hand.

These water heaters come in different sizes, so whether you’re looking for a model to cover the needs of an entire family, or a single person, you’ll find one that suits your needs.

Price range: from around 2,000 MXN to 5,000 MXN.

Tankless water heaters

These heaters have, you guessed it, no tank. In comparison with conventional water heaters, they heat water only upon demand, which delivers significant energy savings.

Tankless water heater. Photo: Courtesy.

The downside is their upfront cost, considerably higher than the conventional water heaters. Their relatively low flow rate means that they can only move two to five gallons of hot water per minute. Although this might be more than enough for a single person household, it will likely be insufficient for an entire family.

Price range: from around 5,000 MXN to 9,000 MXN.

Electric heat pump water heaters

Diagram on electric heat pump water heaters. Photo: Courtesy.

There are different kinds of electric water heaters. Powered by electricity, heat pump heaters capture heat from the air and transfer it to the water. They use about 60% less energy than standard electric water heaters.

Because it works in concert with the environment, an electric heat pump system performs best in hot climates, meaning it’s a great option for Yucatán.

Price range: from around 4,000 MXN to 8,000 MXN.

Solar water heaters

This type of water heater is made up of two main parts: a solar collector and an insulated storage tank.

Diagram on Solar water heaters
Diagram on solar water heaters. Photo: Courtesy.

The sun heats the water in the collector, which then goes into a tank. The hot water rises naturally in the tank, in a process called thermo-siphoning, and is then made available to the house. 

There are two types of solar heaters. Active solar heaters distribute water through a pump, and passive models rely on gravity, making them more affordable.

Price range: from around 6,000 MXN to 20,000 MXN.

While these may not seem like exciting purchases, they are certainly a necessity for most. With a little bit of research, you are sure to find the solution which best suits your needs.