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Lourdes Echeverría: Architecture & Design from the Inside Out

Lourdes Echeverría: Architecture & Design from the Inside Out
The Palacio de la Música, in Mérida, Yucatán.

After completing her masters degree in architecture in 2012, Lourdes Inés Echeverría Quintal began her professional life as an architect. With a big smile, she speaks about those early days and the lessons that came with her first job at a local firm in Mérida called 333 Luxes. This first job was according to Lourdes tremendously formative as the experiences of those first years helped her develop her philosophy with regards to architecture. 

Lourdes Inés Echeverría Quintal. Photo: Courtesy.

“Like many architecture students, I was initially attracted to all the same things students are always mesmerized by, the grand, the avant-garde, and the opulent. However as I began to shift into my professional life I realized that architecture is not only about grand Façades and fancy materials, it’s about people and their needs. That is why good architecture flows from the inside out”. She adds that looking back much of what first drew her to architecture was in fact interior design, but that at the time the field hardly existed in the region and that no university in Yucatán offered it. 

Aside from her private practice and work for the state government, Lourdes has also had a great deal of teaching experience at Universidad Modelo. She emphasizes to her students that their time in university should be one of creativity and fearless exploration; a chance to try outlandish ideas without the need to excessively concern themselves with the way things are done. 

Lourdes is also a great believer in the importance of good lighting design, an area which she considers is far too overlooked by too many architects. “Light permeates every aspect of our lives, it can affect productivity and even our mood; does it not make sense to design for it in a thoughtful way?”.

Lourdes is a local of Mérida and lives in García Ginerés. 

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