When Ric Kokotovich and Alison Wattie expanded their Mérida home by buying the lot next door, they took an opportunity to upgrade their workspaces.  And upgrade they did. Their original home is now a guest house. Casa El Tamarindo, the home they built, is all new. It’s dramatic, airy and bold — and immediately suggests that an artist and a...
Laura is completely bilingual and works mostly with newcomers to the city looking to settle downtown and in neighborhoods such as Itzimná and García Ginerés.
Keith began to take on projects and before long he became very well known amongst expatriates in the city for his excellent work and attention to detail.
Born in Vietnam and raised in California, Danh Nguyen studied graphic design at the San Francisco College of the Arts and then pursued a Master's degree in Architecture at the University of California Davis just outside of Sacramento.
After completing her masters degree in architecture in 2012, Lourdes Inés Echeverría Quintal began her professional life as an architect. With a big smile, she speaks about those early days and the lessons that came with her first job...
Step into Jim Smiley’s orchid sanctuary in Tepakán, Yucatán and you can feel his connection to the land.

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