Veronica Garibay

Verónica Garibay Saldaña is a Mexican columnist, communications major and poetry enthusiast. She has a diploma in cultural management and a specialization in creative writing.

Espita: A Yucatecan hidden gem

At roughly 165 kilometers from Mérida, Espita is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination for people looking to experience the wonders of colonial Yucatán.

Arkilätt: Enlightened architecture in Mérida

For a year and a half, Arkilätt has been designing, remodeling, and building in Mérida, Yucatán. Their emphasis is in restoration, and lighting design.

Melipona Beecheii: Caring for the sacred Mayan bee

The Yucatán Peninsula is known around the world for the quality of its honey, produced by the 17 bee species that live in the Peninsula. Among them is the Melipona Beecheii bee, dubbed "the sacred Mayan bee."

Pool water heaters for Yucatán: A commodity to consider

A heater is the best way to control your pool’s temperature. While they are certainly a big expense, they will add that much more value to your home.
Rattan rocking chair.

Patio furniture: What will survive in Yucatán

In Mérida, most backyards are open spaces, meaning furniture is exposed to the elements, such as the sun and the rain. These are some of the most important conditions to consider when choosing a new lounge set.